Attachment ready

Two toned Silicone cases — with MagSafe.

Compatible with wireless charging and attachments using MagSafe technology

Compatible with wireless charging using standard Qi technology

iPhone 13 Pro MagSafe Silicone case
iPhone 13 Pro MagSafe Silicone case

iPhone 13 Pro MagSafe Silicone case

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MagSafe Silicone Case

Two-toned for aesthetically pleasing design. Smooth on the outside, comfy on the inside — now with MagSafe.

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Application & Care

Slide in your phone at the top of the case, carefully snap it in from the bottom edges. To clean, use a damp warm cloth.

MagSafe Silicone case

The smooth-touch surface of the silicone case feels great in your hand. A soft microfiber lining on the inside helps protect your phone from the inside. The buttons are toned up for aesthetically pleasing design. The case fits just right over the volume buttons, lock button, and the curves of your device. Keep the case on at all times, even when you are charging wirelessly, now with MagSafe.


    Not too toned— vibrant and rich — two personalities, both great.


    With MagSafe— your iPhone
    charges faster wirelessly and is
    always attachment ready.


    Soft microfiber lining— keeps it
    safe and comfy from the inside.