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Short story - There was a guy who started using iPhone and couldn't use any other phone, ever again.
Why did that happen huh? Maybe because it worked. iPhone worked.

iPhone is designed beautiful, inside and outside. CaseDodo products take care of the outside. We make cases which protects while preserving the beauty of the device. Every inch of the device is carefully designed and crafted to perfection. And that is why your device deserves a case which is designed and crafted to perfection.

Yeah, these cases are thin and all - but why should you ditch your existing iPhone case for it huh? Here's why:

1. You won't feel the plastic joint marks - Most, almost all plastic products or cases have a joint mark mostly at the centermost location of the item. You might not have noticed it yet, but it is irritating. So don't make peace with mediocrity, go with the best, us. CaseDodo cases are crafted with so much perfection, there are literally no joint marks. Crazy huh?

2. Precise af cuts - Even the tiniest hole in the speaker grill cutout is precise af. You just have to snap your iPhone in, and you fall in love your iPhone, all over again.

3. The finish - iPhone is made up with a glossy aluminum finish which makes it easy to slip out of hands, wallets, and bags. All our cases are matted up so enhance grip on the phone will not only save your iPhone, but you nose while you lay and text.

4. The Camera Protection - People felt bad when the protruding camera lenses got scratched while putting on the table or sliding in and out of the pocket. That was a legit problem. Someone came out with a nib you can add to the camera lens to protect it. There was only one problem - it was super-ugly. What we did was, we added a subtle, very subtle but effective, very effective lip to the camera cutout in our cases, and that's how we saved your iPhone from scratches and from being ugly, at the same time, AGAIN.

5. Third party docks and stands - We've already told you how these cases are precisely manufactured and blah. So yeah they make it perfectly accessible to third party docks and stands. There aren't many cases which can do this. Another reason to love CaseDodo.

6. We'll think of the sixth one, though. You stay tuned. *wink*

Now, why would you guys go with any other case but CaseDodo's? Ah, maybe because you don't like good quality products. Nah, but that's not the thing - you bought an iPhone. And bwoy, iPhone's gooood!!

So you love us? But you don't tell us that! *sadface*
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    Thin | Light | Minimal - AND NOT OVERPRICED.

    | by CaseDodo US

    Lifestyle products are not the ones that are overpriced; they are the ones that work!

    Think of a Tee; it's simple to wear, to wash, and to take care of. If it wears out, buy a new one - maybe the same color or a different one. Dead simple. That's how CaseDodo products work.

    Cases designed to blend with your iPhone perfectly and make it look gorgeous. They do what an ugly case could do and still keep a beautiful iPhone device beautiful.

    While these cases are usually priced at $20 to $35, we have priced them at a subtle $10-$13 range? Why would we do that, don't we love profits? Well, we do love profits, but we love the product more. We are always working on adding inspiration to our catalog. Upgrading the products and adding new ones. So you get the perfect tee for your iPhone.

    The perfect case for iPhone, which doesn't breaks the bank.

    11 reasons to buy a Super-Thin case

    | by CaseDodo US

    We are not here to just note down the features of our cases. We are not here to induce you to buy cases from CaseDodo. The only purpose is to tell you how Super-Thin cases are really the best ones for your smartphone.

    Here are top 11 reasons to buy a Super-Thin case-

    1. You won't feel a case on: They are Super-Thin, at just 0.35mm. You won't feel a case on, and at the same time you will get scratch and light bump protection for your phone.

    2. They are barely there: These cases are light, lighter than you can imagine. These cases weigh just 2 to 4 grams depending upon the variant you choose. An Elite case weighs 2 grams while a Triwall case weighs 3.6 grams which rounds up to 4. They are barely there on an iPhone which weighs 144 to 193 grams.

    3. They are minimal: They are extremely minimal, no designing, no printing, no superheroes and no cartoons. Solid, sober and clean colors; no joke.

    4. They are completely branding free: These cases are completely branding free, no logos, no brand marks, not even a dot. We don't need our brand name on our cases to make them stand out, they are unique and we will know when we see a case from CaseDodo, the product is our brand itself.

    5. They are affordable: These cases by CaseDodo are affordable. Like really affordable. Not like overpriced Spigen and Capdase cases, and certainly not like the cheaper non-branded cases with poor finishing and ugly design. They are affordable for what comes in the package, a Super-Thin case with amazing fit and feel with extraordinary finishing.

    6. Made up of plastic, not silicone: Silicone cases are really harmful. They attract so much of dirt and germs and turn themselves yellow with time. These cases are made up with high grade material. Elite cases are made up of polypropylene plastic, while Triwall cases are made up of polycarbonate plastic.

    8. Clean and simple: These cases are clean, no stretch or joint marks. No nonsense, not made of Gold and they do not have Crystal beads on it. Just clean and simple. They are easy to put on and off, easy to get a new one (they're affordable)

    9. Do not fade away: These cases do not fade or turn yellow with time. Fading away doesn't suit their swag, nah nigga! These cases will keep their colors intact for as long as you can imagine.

    10. They compliment your phone: These cases actually compliment your phone. They do not make the phone look gross or bulky. Since they are only made for iPhone as of now, they are made up with semi-transparent or translucent design, so they do not hide the Apple logo as well. And they truly the most sophisticated cases for the iPhone.

    11. They are the t-shirts of smartphone apparels: You can find many fancy cases in the market, some of them would look better than these Super-Thin cases. Think the same about what you wear. You wear a shirt when you go out to a party, to look fancy. You wear a suit when you head onto something formal, or a wedding; to look classy. But in the end, only t-shirts can be the ultimate comfort to your body. Colored tees make you look fancy, and solid tees makes you look classy. We have a perfect combination here at CaseDodo. Our colored cases would make your phone look fancy, and our Originals (Silver, Grey, Gold, Rose Gold & Black) would make your phone look classy. They are the one of the prettiest and certainly the most comfortable cases you can find for your phone. Pure material, exquisite design, graceful fit. These cases are the t-shirts of the smartphone apparels.

    These were just the key reasons. And now here's a reason why should you buy these cases from us. Because they are affordable, they are pretty, and no one sells it like we do. Because we have the best customer service, after sales service and support system. Because we love iPhone as much as you do, so we made a product which iPhone needed and deserved. We are not Batman and Robin, but hey! We solved a problem, didn't we?

    So here it is, top 11 reasons why you should buy a Super-Thin case. Still thinking? Stop thinking, start buying.

    A case that makes more sense than any other. (Why? Article coming up soon)

    If anything in this article didn't made sense to you, or you find any typo/grammatic mistake, or you just want a little routine rebel, drop a line in the comment section. Haven't downloaded our iOS app yet? Download it now - appsto.re/in/GNJxcb.i

    While we work on other pretty stuff for you, you should probably check out our website and we would love to hear from you.

    Believe, Connect, Share | CaseDodo

    According to Gottabemobile, there are five reasons you do not need an iPhone case.

    1. Cases add bulk and weight. (Sure they do)
    2. Cases aren't accessory friendly. (Might be the issue with most of the cases out there)
    3. Cases Hide the Beauty of iPhone Design. (They do, iPhone is an elegant and a beautiful device)
    4. Cases Don’t Offer 100% Protection. (They might not cover all the sides)
    5. Cases Can Be Expensive. ( If you really want a quality iPhone case that actually does its job well, you’ll be looking to pay at least $30-50)

    And guess what, they were right. Until now.

    How about a case which weighs just 2 grams; is as thin as 0.35 mm and completely accessory friendly; fits so perfectly over the iPhone that it not only protects the beauty of iPhone but enhances it; covers all four sides of the iPhone and is super affordable at just $17.99?

    We have something for you. Super-Thin cases for iPhone. Have a look for yourself, www.casedodo.com.

    No more ugly and clunky cases, your iPhone, as beautiful as it should be.

    We would love to hear from you, write us at:
    hello@thousandzero.com | help@casedodo.com

    We recently discovered a big issue over Quora, a leading Q&A platform worldwide. It said, "I am always confused as to what to do. Should I use my iPhone 6 naked? Without a case, the iPhone feels so luxurious in my hand. But I am always worried about dropping it because it is slippery, too."

    Chuck Rogers, a former Apple Consultant, employee, and a fan; who is also an iPhone owner answered it in a splendid way. He said, "Whether or not to use a case is ultimately a decision only you can make. You are going to get answers from people who use cases, and those who do not, each telling you why they made their choice.

    Fortunately, there is a real simple way to get your answer. I am going to present to you two scenarios. Your answer to each of these will help make your decision:

    1). You are standing in a gravel parking lot. You pull the phone out of your pocket to make a call, and it slips out of your hand. You pick it up and the case is dented and has a lot of scratches on it, but the phone still works. Do you wish had a case?

    2). Same situation, but this time you try to catch the phone as it is dropping and end up flinging it away from you accidentally. It lands face down on a rock and shatters the screen. Do you wish you had a case and a screen protector?

    If you answered yes to either of those questions, get a case.

    I'll tell you one other story, and this happened. My wife has an iPhone 6s Plus, and my daughter-in-law has an iPhone 6. Within the last month, both dropped their phones in a toilet. My wife's phone was in a case. We immediately put the phone in a bowl of rice overnight. It still works. We did the same thing with my daughter-in-law's phone (which was not in a case), and it would not boot up. My daughter-in-law now has a new phone, in a case.

    That "luxurious feel in your hand" is wonderful, but are you willing to pay for a new phone to have it?"

    Buy a case; that's something you should do. But at the cost of ruining your iPhone's beauty? So what could be the answer which gives you the best of both worlds?

    It's us. CaseDodo. Super-Thin cases for iPhone, at just 0.35 mm. iPhone case that weighs just 2 grams, it is barely noticeable while providing scratch and light bump protection.

    While we make cases, we also make protective shields for the screen that provides Edge-to-Edge screen protection without interfering with any functionality and is completely compatible with our Super-Thin cases. We've got your back, (and front)

    Share your thought with us in the comment section below.

    Believe, Connect, Share | CaseDodo


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