• 11 reasons to buy a Super-Thin case

    Posted | by CaseDodo US

    We are not here to just note down the features of our cases. We are not here to induce you to buy cases from CaseDodo. The only purpose is to tell you how Super-Thin cases are really the best ones for your smartphone.

    Here are top 11 reasons to buy a Super-Thin case-

    1. You won't feel a case on: They are Super-Thin, at just 0.35mm. You won't feel a...

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  • Why do you not need an iPhone case? Why you should buy from CaseDodo!

    Posted | by CaseDodo US

    How about a case which weighs just 2 grams; is as thin as 0.35 mm and completely accessory friendly; fits so perfectly over the iPhone that it not only protects the beauty of iPhone but enhances it; covers all four sides of the iPhone and is super affordable at just $17.99?

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