Shipping and Deliveries

As of Wednesday, May 20.

  • You will find a pin code checker at the product page which helps you check the delivery estimates.
  • We are only shipping orders to locations supported by our shipping partners. More pin codes are added regularly.
Even if your pin code is unserviceable, you can take advantage of the 20% credit back.
  • Place an order now, and it would be shipped once the said pin code is serviceable.
  • Buy a gift card now, and redeem anytime in the future.
  • Cash-on-Delivery remains unavailable to enable  no-touch-delivery. 
  • Since we are only accepting prepaid orders, and delivery times may be longer than usual, the 20% credit back is further extended, until further notice.


Tips on handling packages
  • Pay online, rather than opting for Cash-on-Delivery for a  no-touch-delivery. 
  • Reduce interaction with the delivery person.
  • Once received, spray the unopened package with an alcohol-based disinfectant and let it dry for 15 minutes. Considering our warehouse has a safe environment, there are extremely high chances of the product inside is free of any element of contagion.
  • Ask for help while opening the package. Ask a healthy person (most likely someone in your family) to open a package for you without touching the product inside. The second person takes out the product without touching the outer packaging. Discard outer packaging. A thorough hand wash is highly recommended especially for the first person opening the outer package.


  • Open the box without touching the inside content, and pour out all the products, again without touching the products. Gravity helps. Make sure you are not pouring them down from a height and on a hard surface.
  • Outer packaging can be a brown box, a white shipping mailer — plastic or paper. Anything that is in direct contact with the delivery person.

While we are not experts, we believe these prevention practices to be helpful. WHO on COVID