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Quadglass makes one of the best screen protectors, made with real glass and comes with Easy Applicator.Put your phone face down with confidence.

Comes in a pack of two screen protectors and one Easy Applicator. 30 second application.


Real glass and oleophobic coating, comes with Easy Applicator


In The Box

Features & Specification

Oleophobic Coating

A special resistance coating which helps reduce smudges and fingerprints. It's easy to clean and stays new for a long, long time.

Silicone Adhesive

The silicone adhesive is not only easy to apply but does not leave any residue on the phone's screen when removed.

Real Glass

Unlike other screen protectors, the Quadglass is made with real tempered glass, NOT plastic.

Crystal Clear

The Quadglass is designed to have extreme clarity, and thus, does not dull down the display.

9H Hardness

Quadglasses are tough. They are made to take a beating, and protect the screen. So you can keep your phone face down with confidence.

Easy Application

Every Quadglass package comes with a Easy Applicator. Perfect application - every time.

How do we apply?

It's simple, really. Remove any screen protector that's already there → clean the screen with the wet wipe that comes with the package → clean the wet screen with the microfiber cloth that comes with the package → place the applicator on the phone → remove the film to expose the adhesive part on the screen protector → place it on the screen aligning with the easy applicator. It takes 30 seconds to read this, and 30 seconds to apply.

How much does a Quadglass last?

That depends on the usage, however, we say it one should last for 6 months, and since every package comes with 2x protectors, they should last for a year.

Does the Quadglass come with a warranty?

Do screen comes with warranty? Same goes for the screen protector. A screen protector is susceptible to breaking on impacts, that's just protecting your actual screen from getting damaged. Thank god (or the Quadglass) for that.