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We are not here to just note down the features of our cases. We are not here to induce you to buy cases from CaseDodo. The only purpose is to tell you how Super-Thin cases are really the best ones for your smartphone.

Here are top 11 reasons to buy a Super-Thin case-

1. You won't feel a case on: They are Super-Thin, at just 0.35mm. You won't feel a case on, and at the same time you will get scratch and light bump protection for your phone.

2. They are barely there: These cases are light, lighter than you can imagine. These cases weigh just 2 to 4 grams depending upon the variant you choose. An Elite case weighs 2 grams while a Triwall case weighs 3.6 grams which rounds up to 4. They are barely there on an iPhone which weighs 144 to 193 grams.

3. They are minimal: They are extremely minimal, no designing, no printing, no superheroes and no cartoons. Solid, sober and clean colors; no joke.

4. They are completely branding free: These cases are completely branding free, no logos, no brand marks, not even a dot. We don't need our brand name on our cases to make them stand out, they are unique and we will know when we see a case from CaseDodo, the product is our brand itself.

5. They are affordable: These cases by CaseDodo are affordable. Like really affordable. Not like overpriced Spigen and Capdase cases, and certainly not like the cheaper non-branded cases with poor finishing and ugly design. They are affordable for what comes in the package, a Super-Thin case with amazing fit and feel with extraordinary finishing.

6. Made up of plastic, not silicone: Silicone cases are really harmful. They attract so much of dirt and germs and turn themselves yellow with time. These cases are made up with high grade material. Elite cases are made up of polypropylene plastic, while Triwall cases are made up of polycarbonate plastic.

8. Clean and simple: These cases are clean, no stretch or joint marks. No nonsense, not made of Gold and they do not have Crystal beads on it. Just clean and simple. They are easy to put on and off, easy to get a new one (they're affordable)

9. Do not fade away: These cases do not fade or turn yellow with time. Fading away doesn't suit their swag, nah nigga! These cases will keep their colors intact for as long as you can imagine.

10. They compliment your phone: These cases actually compliment your phone. They do not make the phone look gross or bulky. Since they are only made for iPhone as of now, they are made up with semi-transparent or translucent design, so they do not hide the Apple logo as well. And they truly the most sophisticated cases for the iPhone.

11. They are the t-shirts of smartphone apparels: You can find many fancy cases in the market, some of them would look better than these Super-Thin cases. Think the same about what you wear. You wear a shirt when you go out to a party, to look fancy. You wear a suit when you head onto something formal, or a wedding; to look classy. But in the end, only t-shirts can be the ultimate comfort to your body. Colored tees make you look fancy, and solid tees makes you look classy. We have a perfect combination here at CaseDodo. Our colored cases would make your phone look fancy, and our Originals (Silver, Grey, Gold, Rose Gold & Black) would make your phone look classy. They are the one of the prettiest and certainly the most comfortable cases you can find for your phone. Pure material, exquisite design, graceful fit. These cases are the t-shirts of the smartphone apparels.

These were just the key reasons. And now here's a reason why should you buy these cases from us. Because they are affordable, they are pretty, and no one sells it like we do. Because we have the best customer service, after sales service and support system. Because we love iPhone as much as you do, so we made a product which iPhone needed and deserved. We are not Batman and Robin, but hey! We solved a problem, didn't we?

So here it is, top 11 reasons why you should buy a Super-Thin case. Still thinking? Stop thinking, start buying.

A case that makes more sense than any other. (Why? Article coming up soon)

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